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NBC Survivor 40

• The NBC Survivor 40 is a combined ventilation unit for NBC protection.

It is installed in a safe room or in a shelter. The NBC Survivor 40 provides for breathable air to the shelter occupants (oxygen amount) and the evacuation of exhaust air (CO2 amount, odours).

• A small overpressure avoids the entering of contaminated air.

The NBC Survivor 40 removes all known war gases and biological war agents from the sucked in outside air.

• The air intake as well as the air outlet are equipped with an explosion protection valve, provided that the room is statically strong enough, the NBC survivor 40 will also resist to the pressure effects of nuclear or conventional weapons.

• The NBC Survivor 40 consists of:
- explosion protection valve with pre-filter
- high efficiency filter
- gas absorption filter
- blower with electrical motor
- silencer
- air rate meter
- emergency drive


• The NBC Survivor 40 is a very robust design. It is shock tested with 16 g.

The gastight casing guarantees a long life time of the gas absorption filter,
(min. 20 years, seals unbroken)

Electrical motor, blower & accessories (min. 5 years)

• The surface treatment of the complete steel casing is made with a war gas resistant approved powder coat.

• The centrifugal blower with the installed silencer guarantees a very low noise
level (below 50 dbA).

• In case of power failure, the double acting hand bellow (emergency drive) supplies an even air volume without efforts.

The hand bellow is attached with a quick fastening device.

• For protection in case of a nuclear power plant accident, the gas absorption filter can be exchanged with an appropriate special filter.

• The NBC Survivor 40 is sufficient for 10 persons.

• With the blower variable speed control, the air volume can be adjusted
from 20 to 40 m3/h.


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